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A-Spire CBD Defines Quality

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A-Spire CBD Defines Quality

A-Spire CBD defines quality and supports the following and is the standard for what goes into a quality CBD product.
• Extracted using supercritical CO₂
• Produced using naturally grown hemp
• The price isn’t too good to be true
• The product label displays the amount of CBD
• Independent test results See our results here
• Made from “whole-plant” extracts, not CBD isolates
• Contains less than 0.3% THC
• No outrageous medical claims
Benefits and uses of CBD

A-Spire CBD defines quality and prides themselves on their 100% natural, fully potent never diluted products and are the definition of a quality product. A-Spire CBD is the standard that is measured against their competitors of a similar product but with the degree of excellence that surpasses the others.

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