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Entourage Effect Affiliate Program

Join Us And Take Part In Our Success

A-Spire CBD would like to introduce the Entourage Effect affiliate program. Specifically designed for third party vendors.

Entourage Effect Alliance Program

15% Sale Commission
Your efforts are valuable to us! As a partner you deserve a portion of each sale!

Co-Marketing Incentives
As your partner, you will have access to our collection of digital marketing materials.

Exclusive Promotions
Premium access to specialty items, custom blends, new releases, seasonal items and promotions

A-Spire CBD is offering the opportunity for licensed vendors and shop owners to participate in our new alliance program to improve your sales, earn great discounts, have exclusive pre-sale access to new releases, seasonal items, custom blends and specialty gift sets weeks before anyone else. Our trusted vendors will even have our products before they go on sale on our own website (participation date regulated).

How does this improve your sales though? Not only will you have first access to our premium products at a discounted percent but we are also offering your company co-marketing incentives. When you sign up for our Entourage Effect program, A-Spire CBD will sponsor your establishment on our website as a trusted partner and include you in our monthly newsletter. A-Spire CBD will also represent your company logo on our website as promotional recognition as one of our “Trusted Partners”. Your best interest, is our best interest.

There is no membership fees or hidden costs to join. Just sign up, place an order with us at a discounted rate and we will deliver our premium products to you personally or free of shipping costs. You can even set your own prices on our products.

Sign up below or if you have any questions. Our representatives will be in touch as soon as we are able.